Teaching & Performing TEACHING & PERFORMING

Links below describe Timothy's work as a teacher and performer. As a teacher, Timothy leads therapeutic and educational music programs at schools and other centers that usually focus around world percussion. Timothy is also a nationally-certified piano teacher. As a performer, Timothy mainly performs on the piano in various settings, though he also performs on various world woodwind and percussion instruments and clarinet.

Teaching Links

      LinkedIn page
    Timothy's experience and qualifications for teaching, performing, and other creative work.

      Collection of world instruments, which Timothy implements in his music programs.

      Springfield Youth Portable Studios
    A project Timothy has established to help showcase the work of musically talented youth of Springfield, Massachusetts. With parental permission, youth are given the opportunity to create and record original music in a portable recording studio setting. Timothy then works with the youth to create a finished product that can be shared widely.

      Piano studio policy, which provides a description of Timothy's piano teaching services.

Performing Links