Musician • Teacher • Writer • Composer

Welcome to the home page of Timothy Ballan. Timothy is a musician, teacher, writer, and composer. As a musician, he mainly performs on the piano in various settings, though he also performs on various world woodwind and percussion instruments and clarinet. As a teacher, Timothy leads therapeutic and educational music programs at schools and other centers that usually focus around world percussion. Timothy is also a nationally-certified piano teacher.

As for his more personal endeavors, as a writer, Timothy's creative focuses mostly include (non-pretentious) philosophy, creative writing (including poetry and [often plotless] short stories), and music education research. And, as a composer, Timothy's creative focuses mostly include non-pretentious, accessible art music.

While teaching and performing are large parts of Timothy's identity, this website is mostly dedicated to presenting his artistic and intellectual works, which mostly––but do not exclusively––center around writing and composing.

"You can hear Timothy's journey in his music, ­ which he draws from in serving his community as a mentor, performer, composer, and writer." –Karoun Charkoudian